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Craps is one of the most popular casino games in the world today. The complex table layout, the large amount of betting options and the loud crowd that normally surrounds the craps table may scare off a lot of beginners, though. Despite this, more money is currently played at craps tables than at any other casino game in the entire world.

Many players love the social aspect of craps; an excitable rowdy crowd normally surrounds the craps section of the casino. Interestingly, there are more superstitions and etiquette surrounding craps than any other casino game. So players should know craps etiquette before approaching a table or you might bring on the wrath of the table by accidentally blurting out the word 'seven.' The vast amount of etiquette and superstitions may come from the fact that craps is one of the oldest casino games in existence; craps is actually the oldest recorded reference to a gambling game that uses dice.

Craps also has the best odds of any casino game in the world. Players with a solid strategy can even get a mathematical edge over the house.

Craps Articles

How to Play Craps
The apparently complex table and the vast amount of betting options can be scary for craps beginners. Luckily, the table layout and betting options may appear scary but are actually quite simple to learn. Fundamentally, craps is a game of rounds. There are just two rounds in every game. The first round is called the Come Out round, the second is called the Point round.
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Craps Rules
In the Point round, the main object is for the shooter to roll the point number before he/she rolls a 7. This round may last a long time because it continues until the shooter rolls either a seven or the point.
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Suggested Reading: Check out These Craps Books
If that complex table layout is still overwhelming and if the odds just always seem against you, see what the craps experts recommend to improve your game. Browse through some helpful books on craps that are aimed at improving your play at the casino.
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