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The game of Blackjack (21) is the most popular casino table game in the world today. An enticing blend of skill, strategy and luck, there's no wonder that blackjack is the most played casino table game around the globe.

In contrast to most casino games, players with knowledge and strategy can obtain an edge over the house. This makes Blackjack one of the few 'beatable' casino games. There are different forms of blackjack but all have the same basic premise – a player must have a hand value higher than the dealer's, without going over a value of 21 points.

The first actual references to Blackjack appear around the early 1700's in France. The card game made its way to America by the early 1800's and has been the country's most popular and favorite casino table game ever since. Online Blackjack is the ultimate combination of strategy/skill with an exhilarating measure of chance.

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